A sensual and fascinating mix of sound, installation and performance where six artists guided an audience through Krakamarken, a 30 year old land art park in Eastern Jutland, Denmark. 

The other artists were Trine Rytter Andersen, Christine Fentz, Rune Fjord, Pia Græsbøll, and Alex Mørch, and we spent the summer working together in Krakamarken, looking, listening, collecting and giving shape to found materials, diving into the history of the place, and reflected on the role of the landscape.

During three walks the audience was met by sound, voices, installations and performances that took them on a journey into the deep time of Krakamarken. Every participant became a sensing, carrying and wandering vessel as part of a larger, tangled and multi-voiced aesthetic whole – a thread in a pattern.

The project was organized by Metropolis Copenhagen as part of their countrywide project Performing Landscapes, and was curated by Trine Rytter and Trevor Davies.

The top image and the bottom three images show my part of Krakafoni. I built a sound installation with two speakers placed in fake trees in the center of two stone circles, which were again at the center of a larger circle of linden trees. 

The stone and tree circles were part of one of the original art installations at Krakamarken, established 30 years ago. My installation dealt with landscape, pollution, cultural history, hierarchies between living species, deep time, ice ages and more.

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