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Interview about solo show Bacon af hvalp in newspaper Aarhus Onsdag - in Danish

Catalogue text for The Square Root of Nature by Anette Vandsøe, Associate Professor in Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University:

- in Danish / in English

Danish newspaper Midtjyllands Avis. Interview about solo show The Square Root of Nature - in Danish

Interview by Trine Rytter Andersen relating to solo exhibition TILBLIVELSEN (The Genesis) - in Danish / in English

Art magazine Magasinet Kunst, April 2018. Interview about exhibition TILBLIVELSENRead (in Danish)

Feature article in KATALOG - Journal of Photography and Video, Issue 27.2 - Facebook link

Interview relating to solo exhibition In the Presence of Absence, at, danish art website. Read (in Danish)

Review of solo exhibition In the Presence of Absence in Danish art Magazine Kunstavisen. Read (in Danish)

Art magazine Magasinet Kunst, May 2015. Article about Please Destroy This ExhibitionRead (in Danish)

Art magazine Magasinet Kunst, January 2015. Interview about my exhibition Fibonacci + 1 in Berlin. Read (in Danish)

Danish newspaper Midtjyllands Avis, March 2017. Interview about - an exhibition with writer Gerd Laugesen. Read (in Danish)

Danish newspaper Midtjyllands Avis, October 2014. Interview about educational project. Read (in Danish)

Art magazine Magasinet Kunst, June 2014. Interview about Draw | Align exhibition. Read (in Danish)

Culture magazine Cope Quarterly, September 2014. Article about Galerie Pi and me.

Review of group show in SAK in the art magazine Kunstavisen, 2014.

Kopenhagen Art Institute recommended my exhibition AASYN: "Images of the human form have always been captivating, especially when it’s distorted, fragmented or interpreted in alternative ways. I’m intrigued by the highly relational aesthetic of Kirsten Schausers paintings and the hyperreal quality of Jacob Juhl's photographic works" (Anja Lindholm, MA in Modern Culture)

Catalogue texts

Text by Trine Rytter Andersen relating to solo exhibition TILBLIVELSEN (The Genesis) - in Danish / in English

Catalogue text for solo exhibition In the Presence of Absence by Finn Thrane, founder and former director of The Museum of Photo Art in Odense. Read (in Danish) / Finn Thrane's website

Catalogue text by Finn Thrane, founder and former director of The Museum of Photo Art in Odense. Read / Læs / Finn Thrane's website

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